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The Servant Girl at Emmaus

Denise Levertov She listens, listens, holdingher breath. Surely that voiceis his—the onewho had looked at her, once, across the crowd,as no one ever had looked?Had seen her? Had spoken as if to her? Surely those hands were his,taking the platter of bread from hers just now?Hands he’d laid on the dying and made them well?Continue reading “The Servant Girl at Emmaus”

The Inward Stirring

John Ruysbroeck The inward stirring andtouching of Godmakes us hungry and yearning;for the Spirit of God hunts our spirit;and the more it touches it,the greater our hungerand our craving.And this is the life of love inits highest working,above reason and above understanding;for reason can here neithergive nor take away from love,for our love is touchedbyContinue reading “The Inward Stirring”

An Internal Sermonette

Originally posted on Taylor Bredenhof:
Throw yourself into the flame Spread yourself over the anvil Let the hammer fall And crush your being! Dash your skull against the rock You philistine You pagan! Let the liberal be freed of life! Let the the rationalist be irrational! Let the nihilist be annihilated! Let the consumer be…

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