Land of Broken Dreams Prayer

Carol Penner Your mercies are new every day, God.When I could hardly catch my breath,fear clenching my stomach,and every horizon dark,you were there for me.Whether I stood on the precipiceof grief, and pain, and loneliness and despair:you heard me calling.My prayers not echoingin empty chambers,not ricocheting into nothingness;you listened to every word.You come, not alwaysContinue reading “Land of Broken Dreams Prayer”

What do you think are the most common questions people ask God?

Unknown I bet one comes to mind immediately—why? Right? We get bad news or hit a rocky spot and turn to God, asking, Why? But “why” is seldom—if ever—a useful question. I don’t think God has ever answered that question for me, probably because I wouldn’t understand if He did. But there are many questionsContinue reading “What do you think are the most common questions people ask God?”

His Name

I will worship toward Your holy temple,And praise Your name…For You have magnified Your word above all Your name.– Psalm 138:2 “Awesome” is one of the many English superlatives we use to describe God. Some other common adjectives are faithful, mighty, merciful, gracious, compassionate, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, sovereign, etc. God is also known by manyContinue reading “His Name”

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