Free Movie Today – American Gospel: Christ Alone

(Disclosure, i haven’t yet watched this but has come recommended so posting as the free viewing ends tomorrow) Happy Thanksgiving! Is Christianity Christ + the American dream? American Gospel examines how the prosperity gospel (the Word of Faith movement) has distorted the gospel message, and how this theology is being exported abroad.

A great ale-feast for the King of Kings

Unknown from A Celtic Miscellany (10th or 11th century) , selected and translated by Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson I should like to have a great ale-feast for the King of Kings;I should like the heavenly Host to bedrinking it for all eternity.I should like to have the fruits of Faith, ofpure devotion;I should like to haveContinue reading “A great ale-feast for the King of Kings”

Psalm 16 Redux

Carla Grosch-Miller True Home, how could I choose another? Fullness to my emptiness,water to my thirst,ocean to my raindrop, still centre point that draws me inand knows my name. Wide Plain, where else would I want to roam? Astonishing vistas,expanding horizons,infinite grace,room to breatheand the risk of love in the gift of self. Trustworthy Way,Continue reading “Psalm 16 Redux”

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