Believing women have it easy?

Sharing what a friend reposted on social media…
Author Unknown

There isn’t a woman in the Bible
used by God who had it easy.

Ruth didn’t have it easy.
Esther didn’t have it easy.
Sarah didn’t have it easy.
Hannah didn’t have it easy.
Mary didn’t have it easy.
The woman with the issue of blood
didn’t have it easy.

Y’all better stop falling
for that feel-good gospel and recognize
that God’s daughters don’t have it easy.

They have it anointed.
They have it appointed.
They have it highly favored.
They have victory!

Walk in your anointing even when it doesn’t come easy!

And blessed is she who believed that there
would be fulfillment of what was
spoken to her from the Lord.
Luke 1:45

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