Have You Felt the Hurt of the Lord?

Oswald Chambers

He said unto him the third time, Lovest thou Me? John 21:17

Have you felt the hurt of the Lord to the uncovered quick, the place where the real sensitiveness of your life is lodged? The devil never hurts there, neither sin nor human affection hurts there, nothing goes through to that place but the word of God.

“Peter was grieved, because Jesus said unto him the third time. . . .”

He was awakening to the fact that in the real true centre of his personal life he was devoted to Jesus, and he began to see what the patient questioning meant. There was not the slightest strand of delusion left in Peter’s mind, he never could be deluded again. There was no room for passionate utterance, no room for exhilaration or sentiment. It was a revelation to him to realise how much he did love the Lord, and with amazement he said—Lord, Thou knowest all things.”

Peter began to see how much he did love Jesus; but he did not say—“Look at this or that to confirm it.” Peter was beginning to discover to himself how much he did love the Lord, that there was no one in heaven above or upon earth beneath beside Jesus Christ; but he did not know it until the probing, hurting questions of the Lord came. The Lord’s questions always reveal me to myself.

The patient directness and skill of Jesus Christ with Peter! Our Lord never asks questions until the right time. Rarely, but probably once, He will get us into a corner where He will hurt us with His undeviating questions, and we will realise that we do love Him far more deeply than any profession can ever show.

5 thoughts on “Have You Felt the Hurt of the Lord?

  1. Love probes the heart of another, it seeks us to discover more of Him for in the seeing of Him we truly see ourselves. Friends of such depth are rare and it is of such relationships which cause us to grow together in Him. To be Him to one another is the true ministry of His Spirit. There is more life in this than any word from a pulpit.

    “Love one another AS I have loved you”


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  2. Peter denied Christ three times and then wept bitterly. He was heart-broken about what he did. I think Jesus asked him this question three times so the slate could be wiped clean and Peter could move past his denials and move forward in his love for Christ.

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